Pure (Osaka)

Pure (Osaka)

Club Pure is a unique club in Osaka, as it operates on a nomihoudai or “all you can drink” basis. With a set charge, you can enjoy as many drinks as you like, while joining the party on the dance floor. This is probably the main appeal of this club, especially for those who can hold their liquor. The club focuses on hip-hop and reggae music, with other styles also receiving a piece. Foreigners do join the locals here, with the owner himself being an expat.
Dress Code: no, but don’t show up in your pajamas.

VIP area: yes.
Lockers: yes.
Ladies’ only area: no.
Capacity: 300-400 people.
Working hours: weekdays including Sunday, 00:00 – next morning/Friday and Saturday, 23:00 – next morning.

Weekdays all you can drink option: 1,500 for women, 2,500 for men.
Weekdays regular entrance: 1,000 for women (2 drinks), 2,000 for men (one drink).
Friday (all you can drink option only): 2,000 for women, 3,500 for men.
Saturday (all you can drink option only): 2,500 for women, 4,000 for men.
The above are general admission fees. If your birthday falls within a week before or after your visit, you usually get a 1,000 yen discount.
No entry under 20 years old; a passport or photo ID is required to enter the club.
Reentry: yes, but conditions may apply.

Osaka, Chuo-ku, Shinsaibashisuji 2-3-12, Diamond Bldg B1.

Address in Japanese: 大阪市中央区心斎橋筋2-3-12ダイアモンドビルB1F

The closest station is Namba on the Midosuji line. Get out of exit 14 and walk east on the small street that will get you into the arcade. Turn left at the arcade, walk till the bridge, cross the bridge with the landmark Glico Man on your left and make a right at the traffic light (don’t continue into the next arcade). The club is located a few meters down the road you turned into, on your left hand. Look for a purple sign that reads “Pure” and go down the stairs to the basement.

Website: clubpure.com

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