Sam and Dave One – formerly known as Bar One (Osaka)

Sam and Dave One – formerly known as Bar One (Osaka)

Sam and Dave One is a truly international club, maybe the most popular joint with travelers and expats. It is also a pick-up paradise, a club where foreign guys looking to score with a Japanese girl stand more than fair chance of achieving their goal. The crowd on Saturdays consists of people from dozens of countries, with ages ranging from barely legal to over 40. Japanese patrons here are not as restrained in their interaction with foreigners as in some other places, so there’s always a good intercultural vibe. The club sees real action on weekends, with weekdays being more relaxed. Like almost everywhere else, music is EDM and all mix on weekends, with Sunday being a hip-hop day. The resident, scantily clad go-go dancers give an impressive show on Saturdays, dancing on rotation from around midnight till early morning. If you tip them, prepare for a stimulating experience. The club also has a sister club in Umeda, named “Sam and Dave Umeda”, also popular with foreigners.

Dress code: no.
VIP area: yes.
Lockers: yes.
Ladies’ only area: yes.
Capacity: 500-600 people.
Working hours: Weekdays, 23:00 – 05:00/Friday, Saturday, before a holiday, 22:00 – 06:00.

Weekdays (including Sunday): 1,000 for women (2 drinks), 1,500 for men (one drink).
Friday, Saturday, before a holiday until 00:00: 1,000 for women (2 drinks), 2,000 for men (2 drinks).
Friday, Saturday, before a holiday after 00:00: 1,000 for women (one drink), 2,000 for men (one drink).
The above are general admission fees. The club has a LINE group and regularly offers free entry to its members until 00:00 (no need to buy a drink coupon).
No entry under 20 years old; a passport or photo ID is required to enter the club.
Reentry: yes, the staff stamp your hand and you can go in and out freely. LINE group members do not get a stamp and cannot exit and go back in for free.

Osaka, Chuo-ku, Higashi Shinsaibashi 2-7-20, Southern Palace Bldg, 6F.

Address in Japanese:

The closest station is Shinsaibashi on the Midosuji line. Get out from exit 6, turn right and walk down the arcade, make the first left, walk down that road and make the first right. Continue walking until you see the big white board sign of club Zoo (a hostess club) on your left, after the third crossroad you pass. A post with a banner of Sam and Dave One is also standing on the left. The club is located on the 6th floor of the building with the glass façade, next to club Zoo and past the entrance of club Vanity (that’s a real club, located in the basement of the same building with Sam and Dave One). The elevator that will take you to the 6th floor cannot be seen from the street. Walk towards the back of the building and you will find it on your left. Usually, staff from the club will be waiting behind a podium to stamp your hand right in front of the building, so you can’t miss them.



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