Giraffe (Osaka)

Giraffe (Osaka)

Giraffe is a very popular club in Shinsaibashi, rivaling club Cheval in attracting a young Japanese crowd. Foreigners also come to this waterfront club, which has four independent floors. The first floor is a reception floor, the main dancing stage is on the second floor, the third floor is VIP and the fourth floor also has a DJ and a dance area, with a different style of music compared to the second floor. The music is generally all mix, with thematic weekdays, depending on the floor. The action starts early on weekends and by 21:00 one can do a lot of people-watching by standing on the riverbank and looking at the lines of young clubbers waiting to get in. This is a good club to start the night, before moving on to more “serious” venues that stay open till you can’t even walk anymore.
Dress Code: no flip-flops, track jerseys, sweats, tank tops, crocs, sandals and other very casual wear. No visible tattoos, either.

VIP area: yes.
Lockers: yes.
Ladies’ only area: yes.
Capacity: approx. 700 people.
Working hours: 19:00 – 01:00.

Women enter for free any day and time (adding or liking the club’s account on a social network may be required).
Men: Weekdays (including Sundays and holidays) until 21:00: 1,000 (2 drinks).
Weekdays (including Sundays and holidays) after 21:00: 2,500 (one drink).
Friday until 21:00: 1,500 (one drink).
Friday after 21:00: 3,000 (one drink).
Saturday or before a holiday until 21:00: 1,500 (no drink).
Saturday or before a holiday after 21:00: 3,000 (no drink).

The above are general admission fees. Adding or liking the club’s account on a social network gets men one free drink on weekdays or holidays. Also, male University students get a 1,000 yen discount on weekdays. A student ID is required.

No entry under 20 years old; a passport or photo ID is required to enter the club.
Reentry: no reentry after exiting the club.

Osaka, Chuo-ku, Soemoncho 7-9, Soemoncho Bldg.

Address in Japanese:

The closest station is Namba on the Midosuji line. Get out of exit 14 and walk east on the small street that will get you into the arcade. Turn left at the arcade, walk till the bridge, cross the bridge with the landmark Glico Man on your left and go down the right stairs to the riverside. The club is located on the north bank of the Dotonbori canal, about 50 meters (150ft) from the stairs, just past club G3. You can’t miss the huge banner with the giraffe.

Website in English:!/home


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