Bambi (Osaka)

Bambi (Osaka)

Club Bambi is a popular club in Shinsaibashi, almost on par with Giraffe and Cheval. It caters to a mostly young Japanese clientele, invites lots of guest DJs, organizes special events, and, like many other clubs, has a ladies-friendly approach. The music is all mix and the party gets wild on weekends, with weekdays also seeing action. The club has only one floor, but there are divisions to dance floor and sitting areas. Bambi is accessible through elevators only and it can get crowded on the ground from party-goers waiting their turn. If you want to enter by 23:00, don’t show up at 22:55.
Dress code: no sandals, crocs, flip-flops and very casual wear. No visible tattoos, either.

VIP area: yes.
Lockers: yes.
Ladies’ only area: yes, designated seating.
Capacity: 500-1000 people.
Working hours: 22:00 – next morning.

Weekdays (including Sunday) until 23:00: free for women, 1,000 for men.
Weekdays (including Sunday) after 23:00: free for women (must buy a 600 yen drink coupon), 2,500 for men (one drink).
Friday until 23:00: free for women (must buy a 600 yen coupon), 2,000 for men.
Friday after 23:00: 1,000 for women (2 drinks), 3,000 for men.
Saturday, before a holiday until 23:00: free for women (must buy a 600 yen coupon), 2,000 for men.
Saturday, before a holiday after 23:00: 1,000 for women (2 drinks), 3,000 for men.
The above are general admission fees. Liking the club’s Facebook page gets women one free drink and men a 500 yen discount when entering after 23:00. Students also get a discount. Women entering the club weekdays before 23:00 enjoy an “all you can drink” offer (there is a limit on how many women get it). Subscribing to the club’s mail magazine or adding its LINE account gets you a free drink anytime you enter.
No entry under 20 years old; a passport or photo ID is required to enter the club.
Re-entry: no re-entry after exiting the club.

Osaka, Chuo-ku, Higashi Shinsaibashi 1-17-27, 8F.

Address in Japanese:

The closest station is Shinsaibashi on the Midosuji line. Get out from exit 6 and walk straight ahead for a couple of minutes until you reach the club. Look for a big array of black and white neon signs on your right, with one of them reading “Bambi”, right next to an open hallway that will lead you to the elevators. Staff will be waiting in front of the elevators, so you’ll get your cue.



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