Ammona (Osaka)

Ammona (Osaka)

Club Ammona is a big club in Shinsaibashi, popular to young Japanese clubbers. It features a large dance floor and a balcony in its spacious premises, hitting the crowd with mostly all mix music, with hip-hop and reggae getting a share on weekdays. The club boasts resident dancers, invites guest DJs, and organizes various thematic events, like body paint nights, ladies’ weeks, white clothes nights, etc. Ammona gets packed on weekends and has been around for more than 8 years (as of 2016), so they must be doing something right in the Osaka scene.
Dress code: no sandals, crocs, working clothes, and generally anything that might make the door guys give you a strange look. No visible tattoos, either.

VIP area: yes.
Lockers: yes.
Ladies’ only area: yes, designated seating.
Capacity: approx. 500 people.
Working hours: 22:00 – next morning.

Weekdays until 23:00: 600 for women (one drink), 1,000 for men (one drink).
Weekdays after 23:00: 1,000 for women (one drink), 2,000 for men (one drink).
Friday, Saturday, before a holiday until 23:00: 600 for women (one drink), 1,000 for men (one drink).
Friday, Saturday, before a holiday after 23:00: 1,000 for women (one drink), 3,000 for men (one drink).
The above are general admission fees. Adding or liking the club’s account on a social network gets you discounts. Special events may come with special charges.
No entry under 20 years old. A passport or photo ID is required to enter the club.
Reentry: no free reentry after exiting the club; you must buy a 600 yen special wristband if you wish to exit and reenter.

Osaka, Chuo-ku, Higashi Shinsaibashi 2-3-22.

Address in Japanese:

Ammona is surrounded by many convenient train stations. From Shinsaibashi station on the Midosuji line, get out from exit 6, walk straight ahead and make the third right. Continue walking down that road till you see the entrance of the club on your left hand, a little after the third crossroad you pass. There’s two purple signs reading “Ammona Infinity Space” and a big chandelier hanging overhead, you can’t miss it.



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